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2018-06-12 15:31  

Prof. Karim Atashgar
Malek Ashtar University of Technology Industrial Engineering Dep., Iran

Research Area:
Artificial neural network, Change point detection, Profile monitoring, Statistical analysis, Statistical process control

Research Experience:
Karim Atashgar is an associate professor at Industrial Engineering Faculty of Malek Asshtar University of Technology in Tehran-Iran. He received his BS in Industrial Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology, and his MS in Industrial Management from Islamic Azad University (Central Tehran branch) , and his PhD In Industrial Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology. His primary research interests include Artificial Neural Network, Statistical process control (SPC), Diagnostic Analysis, and Change point detection. He also experienced different positions of management in different work areas such as automotive industry, and project based organizations. He published about 75 papers on different international journals or international conferences. Moreover he is the author of 6 books published by universities of Iran.