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2018-06-15 10:19  

Dr. Fabio Fruggiero
University of Basilicata, Italy

Research Area:
Industrial Systems Engineering

Research Experience:
FABIO FRUGGIERO graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Salerno with a dissertation about newly formed meta-heuristics for the industrial scheduling optimisation, 2004. He conducted his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Salerno - Italy with a dissertation about Digital Factory Application from Manufacturing to Service Environment, 2008. Formerly, in 2008, He was post PhD student at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Salerno with main topic of research: Operations Management Strategies for HealthCare optimisation.
Currently, he is Assistant Professor, and responsible of the area and lab, in Industrial Systems Engineering at the School of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Area -  of the University of Basilicata- Italy. He runs courses for both Industrial System Engineering and Operations Management.
He works as referee for different International Journals (e.g., IJSOI, IJAMT, IJPR, CPPB, EIS, TPMR, TSMSI, IJEBM, UHSE, Cogent OA etc …) and the national minister of research. Track Chair for Human Factor and Ergonomics in IEOM -  Industrial Engineering and Operations Management Society - conferences. He is editor and editorial member  of Cogent Engineering Journal and Industrial and Systems Engineering and The Ergonomics Open Journal. Fabio has been engaged in the auto sector for both Human Factor analysis and Ergonomic research, scheduling optimization, production management. He has collaboration with firms of the production and service sector applying the results of his work to help multinational companies and SMEs to generate safety and Optimize services and profits.He is acting as consultant to several major companies and patent initiatives. He is active in initiative for knowledge transfer to industry.
His research's activity encompassed the area of: Human Factor and Corporate Strategy; Industrial System Design Processes; Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing; Simulation and Virtual modelling; Agent Based Modelling; Assembly Line Balancing; HealthCare Management and Clinical Risk Assessment; Scheduling and Optimisation; Maintenance; Safety and Risk analysis.